We are Gravydrops.

A Full Spectrum CBD distillate specialising in whole-plant extracts, formulated using the natural compounds found in the entire cannabis plant including various other cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes. 

Sun-grown in Southern Oregon

Blessed with ample sunshine and a conducive climate and one of the best locations on earth for premium cannabis.

Gravydrops embraces the wonder of the natural environment to fuel its growth. 

Soil to Oil

Ensuring organic farming and extraction practices, uncompromising in method and with an environmental conscience, the end result is the creation of the purest medicine from Soil to Oil, we strive to create products which harness positive power for better health and self. 

Our extraction process is one of entirety, using full plants grown using organic and sustainable farming practices resulting in full-spectrum oils of the highest quality. 

We care about the environment. Sun-grown, we use fewer resources and embrace the natural environment to fuel growth, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. 

100% vegan, free of pesticides, heavy metals, with no artificial colors or flavors, the end result is a product that is just pure, clean medicine.  

Gravydrops was founded by Rhys Cameron and Corey Evans.

Australian-born, Rhys suffered bipolar from a young age and found the medications prescribed to him incredibly detrimental to his life both personally and professionally due to the intense side effects. After moving to California, he discovered the profound benefits of CBD on managing his condition and wanted to share this with others.

Joining forces with his friend Corey who owns a regenerative, sustainable cannabis farm in Oregon.

Gravydrops was born. 

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